CICD 210-060

CICD 210-060

Cisco Unity Presence Administrator Interfaces

Access the Web Interface

To access the web interface for Presence Administration, we have the ability to go in to similar screens. We've got the Administrative screens, Serviceability, Operating System and of course the Disaster Recovery System to backup and restore. We're still using https, the IP address of our primary node, and then cupadmin (https://node-ip/cupadmin). So, we are just adding a "p" there to compare to the Unity Connection Web Access.

Unified Presence Web Interface

So this gets us into that main Administration page where we can now manage the System, the Configuration, the Presence Capabilities, the Messaging and the User Management, Bulk Administration. I mean there is just a list of mile long of all of the things we can do, again under the Presence Administration. Now let's take a look at the Serviceability portion of Presence.

Cisco Unified Presence Serviceability

Serviceability is where we'll find the ability to manage our system services, like the Cisco UP XCP Router or the client connection. We can use the Real-Time Monitoring Tool to look at various components in the network. This also provides an interface to start and stop features in network services, starting to get the familiarity between the different screens. You can see how Cisco really tried to keep similar objects within the various management screens of the Graphical User Interface. You don't have to memorize all of these different menu options, "Oh I need to start and stop the service that's in Serviceability" whether it's Unity Connection, Communications Manager, or the Presence service.