Cisco Unity Connection Administrator Interfaces

Cisco Unity Connection Serviceability Functions

With Unity Connect we need to gain access to the Administration pages to manage our voice mail solution. So here are the options: first of all it is a secure connection just like the Communications Manager, so it’s https, then the IP address of our server and a little different it’s not ccmadmin, it’s cuadmin (https://node-ip/cuadmin) to get into the main Administrative page. And then the Serviceability page is ccm service, DRF for the disaster recovery, we’ve got the CM platform and the CU service.

Unity Connection Web Interface

So, Unity Connect gives us the same type of menus that we can get into to manage the voice mail system. Of course in the main Administrative page we’re working on creating users, voice mailbox, distribution lists, and setting up the message store how big it can get, how limitations on voice messaging boxes and how large they can get in size, contacts, dial plan flexibility, we can manage our licensing within there, and also create the Classes of Service for the various voice mailboxes that we have in the system.

Cisco Unity Connection Administrator Interface Features

The Serviceability menu option is again very similar to the Communications Manager, where it’s network and feature services, the Tomcat Service for our web server is out there for example, then we also have Serviceability features that support our database and Feature Activation. If we want to turn on maybe a licensing server, for example, in the environment. We can activate that particular service on our server through the Serviceability screen. But this allows us to manage the Unity Connection Clusters, it also lets us start and stop services, just like Communications Manager. And we can also collect trace information using the Real-Time Monitoring Tool.

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