Cisco Unified Unity Express End-User Interfaces

Cisco Unity Express End-User Interfaces

To gain access from an end user prospective for Unity Express, typically we’ve imported the users from the Communications Manager Express Configuration. Because we’ve gone into Communications Manager Express created users in there phones and associated them. Why not leverage that? Pull it into the Unity Express environment and now we have users created. In order for the user to gain access to manage their voice mail, it’s HTTP again, the Cisco Unity Express IP address and then user and then that a prompt them for there credentials they enter that (http://CUE-IP/user). Now they can manage their greetings, they can manage their notification devices, so we could configure different devices to be identified as triggering a new message has arrived, in other words. So, if I want to go ahead and have the light command on a couple of phones, I can set that up here. We also have private lists, that we can set up that allow us to send messages out to multiple people. And then we have caller input, this is kind of neat. If I want to go into my voice mailbox and let’s say I have an assistant that is helping me, I can say, if you reach this voice mail message and you need to talk to me immediately, please press 3 for my assistant, and then may be that routs out to the assistant or to their mailbox or what ever you want to have set up in this system. So in other words, you can select as an end user different options for different key strokes. Then there is also preferences and then finally this is just your personal settings, your password management, if you want to re-record your spoken name that is played out in the directory that’s where you manage your personal settings.

Telephone User Interface

This is a voice mail system, so we can dial into it in a Telephone User Interface as an end user and manage our environment, because if you’re on the road you may not be able to pull up that GUI environment. What you want to do is create a voice mail pilot number. Now may have already been created for you when Unity Express was first installed, but that pilot number then gives the end user access to various menu options. They can listen to their message, forward their message – all of the typical tasks that you would do when you are managing your voice mailbox.

Cisco VoiceView Express

And there’s yet a third option, because we have these nice IP phones, we can actually as an end user manage the Cisco Unity Express voice mail system using our IP phone display and softkeys. We can manage our personal mailbox options, how we’re notified, we can listen to our messages, and send and forward messages, and all of this has to be configured as the service though on our Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express. So you have to enable it as the end user and now they can manage their mailbox from their IP phone as well.

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