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CUCM Basics

Need to know

OSPFv3 Configuration for Multiarea

Describe the key characteristics of OSPFv3, configure OSPFv3, verify OSPFv3 configuration in multi-area deployment.
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Static Routing with IPv6

After completing this topic, you should be able to identify the command to configure IPv6 static routing.
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CUC Manager Express Call Flows and Call Legs

Identify how Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express call flows and call legs use dial peers.
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CUC Manager Call Flows and Call Legs

Identify the key characteristics of Cisco Unified Communications Manager call flows and call legs.
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Constructing an IP Network Addressing Scheme

Subnetting as a key function on any IP network that does not want to remain flat. The concept of subnets and the design guidelines of subnets.
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Exploring the Packet Switching Process

Graphical representation of how data passes through a switch and the whole packet delivery process as seen by the switching device.
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Latest security threats

Fri, 15 Feb 2019 17:00:00 PST

Container Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Affecting Cisco Products: February 2019

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Tue, 12 Feb 2019 16:00:00 PST

Cisco Network Assurance Engine CLI Access with Default Password Vulnerability

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Fri, 08 Feb 2019 14:30:08 PST

Cisco Elastic Services Controller Service Portal Authentication Bypass Vulnerability

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Fri, 08 Feb 2019 14:15:07 PST

Cisco Elastic Services Controller Service Portal Unauthorized Access Vulnerability

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Thu, 07 Feb 2019 14:49:51 PST

Apache Struts Commons FileUpload Library Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Affecting Cisco Products: November 2018

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Wed, 06 Feb 2019 16:00:00 PST

Cisco Aironet Active Sensor Static Credentials Vulnerability

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