CUC Manager Administrator Interfaces

Accessing the Web Interface

To login to the Cisco Unified CM Administration page, go to https://<Node-IP>/ccmadmin. Use the Navigation box to switch between applications, such as Cisco Unified Serviceability, Cisco Unified OS Administration, Disaster Recovery System, and Cisco Unified Reporting. Enter your username and password. After logging in to Cisco Unified CM Administration, the GUI will have a tool bar offering System, Call Routing, Media Resources, Advanced Features, Device, Application, User Management, Bulk Administration and Help menu options.

CUCM Web Interface


Cisco Unified CM Serviceability allows administrators to: Configure alarms and traces; Configure CDR disk storage and external billings servers; Activate, deactivate, start, stop, and restart network and feature services; Configure SNMP settings; and Configure serviceability reports.

Network Services are required for the CUCM system to function; for example, Database or Platform Services. They cannot be activated or deactivated. Feature Services on the otherhand enable certain CUCM application features; for example, Cisco CallManager or Cisco TFTP service. These must be activated manually. Some Network Services include: A Cisco DB; A Cisco DB Replicator; Cisco Tomcat; SNMP Master Agent; MIB2 Agent; Host Resources Agent; Native Agent Adapter; System Application Agent; Cisco CDP Agent; Cisco Syslog Agent; Cisco Certificate Expiry Monitor; Cisco Certificate Change Notification. Examples of Feature Services include: Cisco CallManager; Cisco TFTP; Cisco Messaging Interface; Cisco Unified Mobile Voice Access Service; Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App; Cisco CTIManager; Cisco Extension Mobility; Cisco Dialed Number Analyzer; Cisco DHCP Monitor Service.

The CUCM Operating System Administration page allows configuration and management of the CUCM operating system, for example: Check software and hardware status; Upgrade system software and install options; View or update IP address; Manage server security, include IPsec and certificates; Ping other network devices; Manage remote support accounts.

The Disaster Recovery System provides a user interface for backup and restore tasks. It supports full cluster backups and ad hoc and scheduled backup jobs. It provides a restore wizard with a full restore history. It also monitors the current restore status.

Cisco Unified Reporting performs the following tasks: Generate, run and download system reports; Analyze configuration mismatches. The Cisco Unified Reporting page has a list of System Reports available on the left-hand side of the screen. These include, but are not limited to: Report Descriptions; Unified CM Cluster Overview; Unified CM Data Summary; Unified CM Database Replication Debug; Unified CM Database Status; Unified CM Device Counts Summary; Unified CM Device Distribution Summary; Unified CM Extension Mobility; Unified CM GeoLocation Policy; Unified CM GeoLocation Policy with Filter.

Task 1: Access Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration page

Access the administration page through the web interface.

Activity Procedure

Complete these steps:

  1. Open a web browser window and type in this URL on the address bar,
  2. Click Yes to accept the SSL Security Certificate.
  3. Click on “Cisco Unified Communications Manager” under the “Installed Applications” section.
  4. Use your login credentials provided during the CUCM Installation.

Note: To access the Cisco Unified Communications Manager administration page, a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer is preferable.

Activity verification

You have completed this task when you attain these results:

  • You are able to view the Communications Manager Administration Pages.

Task 2: Make yourself familiar with Cisco Unified Communications Manager menus

Go through the different menus and make yourself familiar with Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9 Administration Pages.

Activity Procedure

Complete these steps:

  1. Go through the menus on the Communications Manager Administration Page and find the different areas mentioned in the corresponding theory.

CUCM Menus

Activity Verification

You have completed this task when you attain these results:

  • All areas in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Page are reviewed.

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