Tips and Tricks

Windows XP Mode on VMware Player and Windows 8.1

Do you still use Windows XP? What about XP Mode? We are using it a lot for our voice labs when we need to simulate remote branches. In fact we are using Windows XP Mode virtual machine with installed either Cisco IP Communicator or VTGO IP Blue to have an additional softphones. Officially Windows XP died on April 8, 2014 but it is still quite popular OS, okay. In fact it is the third one (up to date) popular Windows OS operating system and it is used from almost 4% of our visitors. I'm saying that because even we are…

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How to Choose a Video Editing Service

Whether you are a professional videographer or just enthusiastic about videos, you need to take excellent videos. Today, it is almost impossible to create great videos without the help of video editing applications. Since there are many video editing applications on the market, you will find it hard to select one which suits you. The selection process is made even harder by the fact that these companies market their programs in fancy language to distract you from the most important factors. In this guide, we will look at some tips to help you chose a video editing service which suits…

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